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Mobile Loan Interest Rates and Charges

The interest rate for a mobile loan refers to the cost of borrowing money to buy mobile phones and gadgets. When opting for mobile loan, it’s essential to consider the interest rates and charges involved. The interest rate depends on factors such as the borrower’s creditworthiness, loan term, prevailing market conditions and so on.

What are the applicable fees & charges for buying
mobile phone on EMI?

Make sure you understand all the important factors affecting Mobile Loan interest rates and charges before applying

Credit Score

Your credit history can severely impact the interest rate for a mobile loan. A good credit score ensures a more affordable interest amount.

Loan Term

The interest rate depends on the tenure you are opting for your loan. Choosing a shorter loan term ensures a lower interest rate compared to longer-term loans.

Market Conditions

The ongoing market conditions can also affect interest rates. Rates may vary based on factors like inflation, interest rate trends, and overall economic stability.

Loan Amount

Larger loan amount may lead to higher interest rates. The amount you borrow for your purchase will impact the interest rate.

Mobile Loan Interest Rates and Charges

With TVS Credit, finance your mobile phone purchase in an affordable way. Pay minimal mobile loan charges and own the product you want. Here are the applicable fees and charges by TVS Credit

Fee type Applicable charges
Processing Fee Applicable as per product purchased
Other Charges If Applicable
Bounce Charges Rs (Check with Radhesh)
Interest rate 0% onwards*

Why should you buy a mobile on EMI?

Buying a mobile on EMI offers a range of advantages that makes it a smart choice for you. With Mobile Loan, you can spread the cost of your dream device over manageable monthly instalments, eliminating the need of a hefty upfront payment. Our flexible and affordable Mobile Loan interest rates ensures that you can own the latest smartphone without straining your budget.

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