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We aim to be a partner to every Indian who dreams big and aspires to a better life.

13+Years of Experience


As a non-banking financial company, we aim to empower Indians to dream bigger and partner with them to fulfil their aspirations by providing our financial products wherever and whenever they require them. Our purpose is to empower Indians with tailored products that cater to their needs and contribute to advancing financial inclusion. As a brand, we have a rich legacy of trust, value, and service, drawn from our time-trusted lineage in the 112-year-old TVS Group, one of India’s leading suppliers of automotive components, operating across 80 countries.

Our journey began in 2010 with a singular mission: to empower the aspirations of every Indian. This journey has been wonderful, marked by significant milestones worth celebrating.

Brand Identity

Our mission is to fulfil aspirations, and that is reflected in our logo.

Our visual mnemonic, the AspireMark, shows upward flight, symbolising growth, optimism, the flight of dreams towards fulfilment- all the things that TVS Credit, as a brand, promises to its customers.

Our wordmark is bold, confident and has a forward slant to show movement towards the future.

Our brand colours are blue and green. Blue, derived from the identity of our parent group, stands for freedom, inspiration, confidence and stability. Green, on the other hand, connotes growth, harmony and renewal.

Brand Manifesto

Everyone wants to grow in life and give their loved ones the very best. But achieving this growth, and fulfilling their wishes, is never easy – often it looks improbable, sometimes impossible.

We’re here to give our customers the freedom to pursue their biggest aspirations, and the smallest ones too. We exist to lend them the confidence to plan for a better tomorrow, while experiencing a more fulfilling today.

We do so through a range of thoughtfully designed financial products, backed by caring service and intuitive technology. A combination that becomes the wind beneath our customers’ wings, elevating them to the heights they aspire to.

When our customers strive towards a goal, we help them to achieve it by going the extra mile – in distance, effort and thought. We do not stop to think of where they are coming from, but only of where they dream of going. We believe that too many ambitions have been ignored for too long.

TVS Credit. Empowering India. One Indian at a time.

Brand Values

TVS Credit - Trustworthy Brand

We strive to be Trustworthy always, winning our customer’s trust through our actions.


 We are Innovative, finding refreshing and unexpected solutions to problem and situations.


We are Proactive, which let us anticipate people’s needs and be prepared for them.


We are Empathetic to every customer’s need and make the effort to understand his or her unique circumstances.


We are Confident, believing that anything is possible, and instilling this belief in our customers.

A Brand that cares

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